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Linda I. Rozales

Are you behind on your mortgage?  Is your property value under water?   Do you know anyone  in this situation?    As a Homeowner Advocate providing community service, we have been helping as many homeowners as we can keep their home or avoid foreclosure for free.


As a Homeowner Advocate, we offer:  


  • FREE market analysis of your home to determine your home's current value.  

  • Check if you can qualify for a principal reduction.  

  • Refer you to an approved lender to see if you can qualify to refinance your current loan for as long as you are current and your interest rate is high.


  • Loan modification assistance.


  • Free analysis of your financial statement to determine if you qualify for a Loan Modification and know:


  • What your new monthly mortgage will be after loan modification?


  • What income is required for you to qualify for a loan modification?


  • How long will it take before you generate equity on your home?


Wouldn't you want to know the answers to these questions if you are in this situation?


You don't need to pay anyone to get a loan modification.  It is illegal for anyone to charge an upfront fee to help homeowner's save their home from foreclosure.  Don't be a victim.




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